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Goris Notes

I am a scientist, teacher, newbie-artist and hacker. For work I try to make the world more sustainable by studying and simulating the co-evolution of socio-technical systems, such as industrial networks and infrastructures, both their physical form and their social content. For hobby I use the wastes of our unsustainable industrial society to give them a second life as sculptures of scrap metal and waste electronics. Only once an object becomes waste can its function and form be found in their rawest form. Here you can find some of the projects I am involved in



ProjectStatusLaatste update
KeramiekOvenCompleted5 February 2018
PopcornMachineCompleted4 February 2018
SmeltovenIn progress22 January 2018
GeigercounterCompleted14 December 2017
Plasma Cutting TableCompleted10 December 2017
NoTouchy21 October 2017
Space3In progress7 June 2017
SparkShackAbandoned10 March 2017
Scrap BatteryInitializing27 December 2016
God of TechnologyCompleted27 October 2016
The eye of the InternetCompleted27 October 2016
PlasmasnijderCompleted26 October 2016
RevSmokerAbandoned6 August 2016
FoundryIn progress14 January 2016
ChaoticCircuitsCompleted26 November 2012
Metal FlameCompleted16 July 2012


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