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Project Revklanet
Status In progress
Contact Gori, PeterC
Last Update 2024-03-20

The project to make DIY Alklanet aka RevKlanet, AlklaNEP, Lolklanet or Alklanetniet. Why ? Alklanet is awesome cleaning agent, but is kinda expensive. Can we make something ourselves? Alklanet is a commercial product, with a secret composition. Howewer the MSDS reveals the most common chemicals.

Alklanet facts

  • blue
  • pH 5.5 - 7 according to MSDS, Litmus measures 6
  • 5 -10% 2-Butoxyethanol
  • ? % surfactant
  • ? % ethanol

  • Production of test batches : Making revklanet.jpg

Recipe V0.1

Al %weight, For 200 ml. These will give only approximate concentrations.

  • 20 g Eco-Aceton from "De Parel" from hornbach
  • 10 g hard soap
  • 10 g ethanol (Available from drugstores as 95% ethanol for cleaning)
  • 160 g water


  • Trouble dissolving all the soap, also feels very soapy, probably way too much.
  • pH 8
  • thrashed

Recipe V0.2

Al %weight, For 200 ml. These will give only approximate concentrations.


  • smells very nice
  • cleans well, but less than Alklanet or 0.3
  • leaves a bit more streaks than Alklanet

Recipe V0.3


For 200 ml solution, all wt%. These will give only approximate concentrations, as non of the ingredients are pure.

  • 20 g ( 10% ) Eco-Aceton from "De Parel" from hornbach
  • 5 g ( 2.5% ) mirasol 2000 - tenside / wetting agent. MSDS
  • 10 g ( 5%) ethanol ( Available from drugstores as 95% ethanol for cleaning)
  • 172 g ( 82% ) demineralised water


Product Price per unit (€) Unit (g) Price (€/g) Amount in recipe (g/l) Costs (€/l) link
Eco-Acetone 6.80 1000 0.0068 100 0.680
Mirasol 11.95 250 0.0478 25 1.195 MSDS
Ethanol 2.29 100 0.0229 50 1.145
Demiwater 2.65 5000 0.00053 825 0.437
TOTAL - - - 1000 3.46


  • pH 6-7
  • Gori: Cleaned the outside glass of the door in the workshop. Seems to remove mystery spots better than Alklanet
  • Gori: when used on a tables, no perceivable difference.
  • joepie91: v0.3 lijkt prima te werken, net tafel mee schoongemaakt, beetje vreemd geurtje maar verder prima
  • Cleans very well, but leaves slightly more streaks than 0.2 (visible only on high gloss surfaces such as mirrors)
  • Na een half uurtje schoonmaken geirriteerde neus en keel

Recipe V0.4

For this version, we want to

  • improve the economics
  • keep performance similar
  • reduce chance of irritation of the eye/throat/nose

Ways to do that :

  • Half the concentration of 2-Butoxyethanol
  • Replace ethanol with a lower concentration of Isopropyl alcohol : Better degreasing properies, much cheaper, but somewhat more irritating
  • Find an alternative surfactant / tenside, in bulk 1/10th of the price may be possible. Maybe Green soap


For 200 ml solution, all wt%. These will give only approximate concentrations, as none of the ingredients are pure.

Recipe V0.5

Back to the basics!

  • 7.5% v/v pure 2-butoxyethanol in distilled water

I (thomas) tried to find food coloring suitable for revklanet 0.5 at various stores around the area, but alas, they all contained either propylene glycol (as solvent, which would leave streaks) or water with PH bufferring salts (which would leave residue). So we'll just have to make our own coloring, too.

Testing results: seems to work exactly like Alklanet in several contrived tests and in real-world application. Smells similar but different; observations vary regarding whether the smell is stronger or less strong.

Renamed to 2-BE-Cleaner to avoid trademark issues.

Simpelste manier is om het in 7.5% v/v verhouding met gedestilleerd water te mixen is om met gewicht te werken. Zuivere 2-butoxyethanol is 0.9 g/cm3, en water is uiteraard 1g/cm3. Voor het bereiden van 1 liter 7.5% oplossing is het dus simpelweg een containter op een weegschaal zetten en de volgende gewichten toe te voegen:

67.5 gram 2-butoxyethanol

925 mL water.


  • Test setup : RevKlanetTestSetup.jpg
    • Compare : Demineralised water, Alklanet, RevKlanet V0.2, RevKlanet V0.3
  • Testing protocol : TestingMaterials.jpg
  • Apply and dry for 30 minites
    • Wok oil
    • Ketjap Manis
    • Ketchup
    • Meggele garlic butter
  • Attempt cleaning with a clean microfibre cloth and report results
    • Spray area with a single pump (we are using old Alklanet bottles)
    • Wipe 1/3 immediately in a single downward stroke
    • Wait 10 seconds then wipe 2nd 1/3 with a single stroke
    • Then clean the final 1/3 until clean
    • Then clean the entire area with the same product

Results V0.2 and v0.3

  • Overall findings : Both V0.2 and V0.3 work as good as Alklanet. V0.3 dries fastest, and degrease markedly better than Alklanet. Probably because we use the a higher concentration of alcohols, and the wetting agent greatly helps as wel.
  • Demiwater : Demiwater.jpg
  • Alklanet : Alklanet.jpg
  • V0.2 : V0.2.jpg
  • V0.3 : V0.3.jpg