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Live sensortjes gluren

(Experimenteel, net als alles.)

Saaie informatie, redelijk achterhaald

Revspace currently pushes some MQTT/Moquitto messages to a mosquitto (mqtt) server running on The messages are also bridged to the public server. Since mosquitto also runs on IPv6, you can subscribe to the internal server (if you have ipv6)

We are currently using the namespace 'revspace/'

Under this namespace we currently send messages for:

  • revspace/sensors/co2 -- The current value on the co2 meter
  • revspace/sensors/#-t# -- Temperature sensor (Zone, Sensor-nr), Zone 2 is the basement
  • revspace/power/group##/minute -- Powerusage for this power group in W-h over the last minute (pulsecount / 2 * 60)
  • revspace/power/group##/hour -- Powerusage for this power group in W-h over the last hour (pulsecount / 2)
  • revspace/power/group##/pulse -- Fires once for every 0.5W-h of power used in the group
  • revspace/button/skip - skip button for the music
  • revspace/button/stop - stop button for the music
  • revspace/button/shuffle - shuffle-play for the music
  • revspace/button/nomz - NOMZ button pressed
  • revspace/state -- Space state (open|closed)
  • revspace/music/klusbunker/volume -- Music volume (0-100)
  • revspace/music/klusbunker/mode -- Music mode (play|stopped)
  • revspace/music/klusbunker/np -- Music: Now playing (artist/title)
  • revspace/spacesucker/level -- fan speed level in %
  • revspace/spacesucker/mode -- auto/manual/demoist/wait/refresh
  • many more (geiger/nose/cams/doorduino etc.), check it out!

Update 2014/04/26 Around 00:00 we switched from '/revspace/#' to 'revspace/#' ... to fit with the MQTT standard better

To receive/subscribe to these messages, install mqtt-simple using "cpan Net::MQTT::Simple" or "yum install perl-Net-MQTT-Simple", or download mosquitto-clients, or another MQTT library and write your own client.

For mosquitto-clients, use:

 (public server)
 mqtt-simple -h -s "revspace/#"
 # Alternatively: mosquitto_sub -h -t "revspace/#" -v


 (revspace internal or ipv6 server)
 mqtt-simple -h -s "revspace/#"
 # Alternatively: mosquitto_sub -h -t "revspace/#" -v

For debian users... please use the following repository, as the packages in debian are ancient:
 deb wheezy main

Server Side Events

JavaScript example, see for example

var stream = new EventSource('');
stream.onmessage = function(e) {
  var data = JSON.parse(;
  if (data.length !== 3) throw 'invalid data';


  • The power monitoring script is 'powermonitor' and runs as 'spaceloop' user on gateway
  • The CO2/NOMZ/SKIP/SHUF script is '/root/rf24skip/', and runs on squeezebox-klusbunker
  • The music related events come from '/home/bar/squeezen/' running as 'spaceloop' on gateway
  • The spacestate messages and unlocked messages come from 'slmonitor', running as 'spaceloop' on gateway
  • The temperature messages come from 'slmonitor', running as 'spaceloop' on gateway