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Project SparkShack
Status In progress
Contact Gori,Benadski, Semafoor and many others ...
Last Update 2014-12-05


Sparkshack is a former bicycle shed at Revspace 2.0. But a bicycle shed with 400 V power, full of sparks and smoke, glowing red iron and cold steel...

We regularly do:

Recently, the sparkshack was renovated. Slowly but surely, the mess and chaos will be reduced and in its stead there will be an oasis of peace and serenity and grinding and welding and casting and forging. Images are incoming.


Current works-in-progress


To fight off the darkness of winter, 2 external 400 W floodlights are screwed onto the Sparkshed.

Sparkshack work lamp left.jpg Sparkshack work lamp right.jpg

The electrical work is not yet finished, but it shouldn't be a lot of work to finish it. All that is needed now are a bunch of cable clips and a small run of wire to connect the switch and outlet to the mains. The easiest way to do that is to connect it to the box 0.3 m to the right, where the other lights also get their power from.


Tools and tool-shaped objects

The tools are slowly finding their way into the drawers. Feel free to give tools a better place, but please 1) label the new place and 2) update this site. If there is a very real possiblility that people will spend hours looking for tools you put in a clever spot, consider writing a short email to the RSPO-mailing list.

Tool cabinet 1: left-hand drawers

  1. Only crap that came with the cabinet

Tool cabinet 2: right-hand drawers

Cordless drill with case
  1. Screwdrivers, knives, pliers
  2. Wrences
  3. Files
  4. Cordless drill with box: Easy acces, and the box is always at hand when the drill needs to be brought elsewhere

Sparkshack on the road

We went to