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I am an electronic engineer, (of Dutch descend) specialized in designing PCB's for Analog, Digital and to a lesser degree RF systems. In the past I have designed (among many other things) Computers and computer subsystems, modems and audio recording equipment, satellite subsystems and cryogenic electronics. I am fond of retro computing, and own a collection of retro computers, and literature about retro computing.

my first computer was a nameless home-brew system based on a 6502, but never got finished because I bought a KIM-1 and later a LMW-80.

I worked for a small hobby computer company, and among many other things sold Apple ]['s, ABC80's and Olivetti M80 systems, but also many kits. Like the Junior Computer (a KIM-1 clone), the Acorn Atom and also ZX80 kits. Many of them I assembled for customers who wanted them assembled. For owners of ZX80's I would buit in ZX81 ROM's. I also built 48K RAM and our own Floppy disc controller and Centronics printer interface into TRS-80 base systems, which was much cheaper than buying an expansion interface. Later I designed and sold my own Z80 computer, a much improved Tandy TRS-80 model 1 clone that also ran CP/M perfectly.

I have been collecting old home computers since forever (actually the start was the three versions of the Aster CT-80 I ended up with after Aster went bankrupt), and I got many from the about ten years I worked for a charity thrift store. but even before that I had many systems. I was always on the lookout for a safe place to give them to for eternity. As in April 2, 2015 (on good friday) I gave all my gaming stuff away to "awesomeretro" ( disappointingly they never wrote about my large donation on their site, but if you look at this picture, (made shortly afterwards) you can see some of the stuff I donated on the table through the door opening:

here is a list of what I gave to them on permanent loan:

Atari 800 XL, zonder kabels

Philips MSX NMS 8245

Tokio color 4 pong, in doos

atari 2600jr in doos

Acorn electron met expansie

MSX VG 8020

Atari 600XL (met 600 naar 800omgecat)

BBC micro

MSX Sv1 - spectravidea

Dragon 32

Snes met kabels enzo

Supervision + crystball

2600 6sw

gamegear sega

audiosonic pong clone (needs tlc)

intellivision, compleet

sinclair zx spectrum+ 128k


cougarboy in doos + streetrider + magic tower + arctic zone

sega megadrive

sega megadrive2

supervision in doos

intellivision in doos + burger time + astrosmash + tennis + space hawk + space battle + soccer + astrosmash (doosje met boekjes)

vic-20 met 16k ram cartridge

commodore 16 (missing 8 key)

commodore amiga 1200

sharp mz-800 met tape drive

sega megadrive 2 in doos

philips videopac g7000 compleet

bit90 (laser2000 clone)

zx spectrum+ in doos

coleco vision met voeding

radioshack TRS-80

MB comp IV

apple IIc

atari 260st

sharp mz-700

c16 met game controller adapter

vic-20 missing 1 key

vic-20 missing 2 key met "voeding"

commodore 116

commodore plus/4

zx spectrum in dekatronix kast (rom wonder van resoft)

newbrain (spectrum met ram expansion en rom switcher)

svi MSZ compleet in tasje

acorn electron

sanyo MSX mpc100

nintendo 64 met wat kabelwerk

philips MSX nms8245 (missing keys)

philips MSX vg8235 (met zonder missing keys)

super nintendo met copyfloppy interface en cd aansluiting en kabels en controllers (1 fake, 1 real thang)

laser 500 color computer

toshiba t1000

sony hitbit MSX2

mattel aquarius in doos met mini expander in doos

laser 500 in koffer, met scheidegger institute curses

TI 99a

acorn atom

BBC micro

enterprise 64 in doos

BBC micro (acorn) vigler

como pc1

sinclair zx80

zx spectrum+ met interface module

CPC 64-4 met floppy

sinclair QL in doos

sinclair QL in doos met handvat

videomaster enterprise in doos

odyssey 2001

SVI 728 MSX sharp MZ-80a met monitor ingebouwd

amiga 500 in doos

commodore 610

exidy sorcerer compleet in blingbling koffer

philips p2000 compleet in doos, familiegeheugen, basic interpreter 16k, boekje

atari portfolio

atari mega ste met keyboard en monitor

lobo max-80

laser 3000

zx spectrum compleet met microdrive en interface one

zx-81 met 16kb expansion pack

zx spectrum interface 1

zx spectrum

radofin telesports

audiosonic pp920

megadrive2 + voeding + controllers


sega rf adapter

cdi 450 voeding

2 scart blokjes

5pind naar tulp/jack

dreamcast vga adapter

nep cd32 controller

qtec 5.25 floppy drive (amiga?)

controller voor g9000

MSX MIDI module

MSX viditel modem mix

parallel interface mix

livetek eraser game controller (joystick)

VIC-20 16k ram cartridge

stofkap amiga 1200

grote atari adapter

duo floppy voor atari st

MSX floppy disk drive 5.25"

Sony MSX floppy disk drive 5.25"

zx spectrum joystick adapter

2x dreamcast doos

2 sega megadrive controllers

voeding sega megadrive

rf kabel

trs-80 color joystick in doos

dragon32 voeding

dragon32 tape kabel

yamaha keytar (shs 10)

gamecube doos

n64 controller groen

n64 pokemon stadium

commodore 1532 datasette

commodore datasette voor de PET

schneider ctm 640 monitor

pace micro floppy disk 5.25 (40/80 track)

dreamcast memory unit doosje

nintendo expansion pack

n64 king kong

n64 rf modulator

nes controller

nes voeding

tv encoder voor een texas home computer

2maal quick shot Joystick

TRS-80 voeding

sinclair voeding

een atari voeding

TI voeding

externe hd amiga

atari sh204 hd

trs-80 monitor

trs-80 keyboard


philips cm8833

ankona kg733

philips computer monitor 80

atari sm125

apple IIc monitor


diverse manuals

cd-i een introductie


Games / software:

megadrive jungle book

megadrive sonic compilation

megadrive fantastic dizzy

megadrive wolrdcup italia'90

megadrive sonic2

megadrive mortal kombat

mouse trap colecovision

quake3 test

Sega pac-mania game

Videopac 18, 1, 38,

MT-Base, MSX databasesysteem

Manic minder zonder casette

FInders keeprs, MSX tape

Sharp basic MZ700

Lazer war zx spectrum

Sharp MZ het bolwerk

Sharp mz 800,27

Sharp MZ uniggb drie domino

MZ system program manual

pijama rama zx spectrum

video edidtor voor mz 800

pascal voor sharp

roland on the ropes game

sharp basic s basic compiler

c16 spellen cassette verzameling

micro mouse, ghost debugging voor spectrum

cyber rats

basic introductie cursus C16

acorn Haushaltbudget

acorn peeko computer

Venture colecovision

Submarine commander voor Vic20

Zelda 2 adventure of link - NES

legend of zelda NES

Super mario 2, NES

EProm pac voor exidy sourcerer

roadblasters voor lynx

2600 combat

donkey kong Coleco vision

cosmic avenger 2600

missile command 2600

Cosmic crusher voor vic 20

Space invaders 2600

Pac man 2600

S-ram pac atrac casette...voor exidy

legend of zelda NES

C language Vic 20

8 k ram Vic

star battle Vic

supervision crystball

supervision soccer champion

supervision crystball

supervision dancing block

supervision soccer champion

suppervision tennis pro 92

2600 ET

frogger colecovision

32 in 1 2600

jungle kong lcd dingetje

pokemon pinball voor gameboy (extended)

atari 600SE game

super mario N64

maraio brothers atari XE

columns gamegear

asteroids 2600

adventure 2600

super mario world

argo fake nintendo 64 compleet

ending man met handleiding (licht beschadigd)


megaduck magic tower

megaduck black forest tale

megaduck warm visitor

megaduck railway

megaduck the brick wall

megaduck 4-in-1

gamegear choplifter III

megaduck streetrider

gameboy tazmania

gameboy rayman

msx mt-base cartridge

2600 circus atari

coleco vision space panic

cvs zaxxon

n64 pokemon snap

zx spectrum horizons

n64 super mario world

n64 quake

n64 zelda

nepconsole 250-in-1

nepconsole nyankies

nepconsole 12-in-1

nepconsole 42-in-1

colecovision looping

super nintendo paper boy 2 in doos

nes mario woods in doos

gamegear sonic 2

megaduck grand prix

MSX mt-debug

megaduck carrier

colecovision gorf

megaduck 2-in-1

megaduck honeybee

spectrum hurg

nes faxanadu (in doos)

MSX flight simulator with torpedo attack

MSX hunchback


2 keer mz canyon goldrush

MSX 6-in-1

MSX sorcery

doosje met 15 tapes (brownbag)

vic-20 raid on fort knox

amiga amos the creator (alleen doosje)

coleco ladybug

coleco space panic

coleco donkey kong jr

coleco turbo

coleco microfun

coleco donkey kong

dragon32 dataplan

dragon32 berzerk

dragon32 schaken

dragon32 textstar

dragon32 golf

dragon32 astro blast

dragon32 ghost attack

super nintendo street fighter II

MSX manic miner

CPC oh mummy

CPC nasi amsword

CPC sultan's mate

CPC bridge-it

CPC timeman one

CPC ghostbusters / music composer

CPC hangman

CPC galactic plague

CPC various

CPC fruit machine

CPC animal vegetable mineral

CPC 464 os & firmware

CPC roland in the caves

CPC harrier attack

CPC floppy-achtig ding

color 12-in-1 doosje

n64 v-rally edition 99

megadrive smurfen

megadrive earth defense

megadrive sonic spinball

megadrive mickey mania

megadrive sonic I

megadrive sonic II

megadrive shadow dancer4

videopac 27

videopac 43

videopac 26

videopac 19

videopac 1

videopac 38

videopac 24

doos met bbc micro games

sharp applications tape

sega megadrive kick-off 3

svi-727 video uitbreiding voor mix

I still had about 80 "non gaming" systems, such as my Aster CT-80 collection, and many others such as an Apple 3 with hard-disk, for which awesome space had no interest. These went to the Bonami Computer Museum in Zwolle. I still have a few PET computers at home, with a dual floppy unit and a P2000, all of which I repaired, or will repair in the future.

response to 2022 - HomeComputerMuseum, the making, the challenges and the importance:

Hi BOB, let me introduce myself, I'm Martin de jong, AKA Mahjongg. I'm a retired* electronic engineer, or more specific a Layout engineer, and in 1980 I was one of the designers of the Dutch Computer Aster CT-80, a TRS-80 model 1 clone. I'm a retro computer collector, and had at one time over 160 computers. I thought about starting my own computer museum, but I'm not a business person, so I decided that before something happened and all my computers would end up in a landfill, a had to find a secure place for them, so at first I came into contact with awesomespace in Utrecht, you might know it, they had a small "computer museum", and I decided to give them all my computers that have a gaming character, instead of a Business character, that were about eighty, a list of them you can find here: A couple of year later, with a sleeping room still filled with nearly a hundred more computers, including three different types of the Aster-CT80 I donated those to a computer museum in Zwolle, A town where I lived for a long time, you might know it. The Bonamy computer museum. But in the mean time I moved many times and lived in a number of cities considered to be in "de randstad", specifically in south holland, in Arkel, Papendrecht and Dordrecht, and now I have live in Zoetermeer for 20 years or so. As said I'm "retired", but that is in practice not yet legally, as shortly after corona started I was fired from my last job, at SystematIC, where I designed test equipment for the IC's that systematIC designed, and I also did some chip design, and a bit of space electronics. so I went into quarantine and after some time my health worsened considerably, my asthma became much worse, and I got symptoms I can only describe as having "long covid", including becoming less able to do high tech stuff. That is why I am not expecting to get a job again, and in April 2023 I will officially retire, I'm 66 now. But electronics is still my hobby, and I'm still very much into Retro Computers, so at my maker space I had designed several small systems, along which a ZX-81 clone which I named ZX81+38, its the successor of my earlier clone the ZX81+35, for which I designed my own ULA replacement logic. My second clone is designed with only pin though hole logic, and fits into the original ZX-81 enclosure. Also I still help repairing retro computers and game consoles, as I did for awesome space, here in Zoetermeer for the national Game computer museum, which has a small home computer selection, we have the most popular home computers here working, and game systems like the vectrex and the atari 7800, both of which I have repaired, but we also have a Philips NMS MSX computer, a Sinclair spectrum, and obviously a Commodore 64, all in working order with a game you can play built into them or able to load into them, I'm busy trying to fit a TZXDuino into our spectrum, as a replacement for the cartridge based game that it now starts up with. The Boss of the museum (Hassan) has asked me to accompany him with a trip to visit Helmond so I hopefully we will meet.

P.S. I had hoped I could visit MCH2022, just like I visited SHA2017, where I was showing my CBM 4032 (PET) but my health at the moment, (and finances) don't allow it, so I am at home watching some interesting talks at home, missing the Club-Mate spiced with Vodka, and the tents where i could learn kids to solder their badges. Hopefully my health will recover in time so I can go in 2025.