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Revspace has quite a collection of dedicated workstations and (virtual) servers. This page will attempt to list them as complete as possible:

  • vm (, the (new) main virtual machine host, a HP Proliant DL360 G6 with 32GB of ram, and 4T of raid6 storage (6x 1T, 7200rpm)
    • mosfet: ON, LDAP, Freeradius server for Spacenet
    • pov: ON, Webcam server
    • mediaserver: ON, SpaceSoundSystem Squeezebox/Logitech media server
    • shell-bookworm: ON, shell-server running debian, with ldap accounts
    • shell-sid: ON, shell-server running debian-sid, with ldap accounts

  • gateway, the revspace router, a HP Proliant ML110 G7

Old servers (off / in storage)

  • Audio systems
    • Transformer, audio-server
    • squeezebox-klusbunker, IP nrf24l01 gateway, jukebox, a laptop
    • projector-klusruimte, IP
  • Old virtual-machines (mux/vm1 host):
    • shell-jessie: shell-server running debian-jessie
    • shell-stretch: shell-server running debian-stretch
    • eeprom: LDAP server
    • flux: Freeradius server for spacenet / wireless
    • monitor: mrtg stats for the verlichting network
    • Cathode: OFF, function unknown
    • Controller: OFF, old Meru wireless controller
    • OFF (no longer points here)
    • iButtonServer: OFF (sandbox for ibutton code)
    • LCD: OFF (old doorduino interface scripts)
    • Max232: OFF, participants all-around shell server (linux)
    • Minemu: OFF
    • Nor: OFF (old space-state interface)
    • Pad: OFF (used to be etherpad?)
    • Wesm: OFF, HP Wireless controller (runs revspace wifi and spacenet)
    • Wiki: OFF, local mediawiki server (revspace site currently not hosted here)