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Event FooBar's Party 2012
Name FooBar's Party 2012

Duration 30 Jun 2012 - 30 Jun 2012

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 18:00

Time for a summer-party with BBQ


Because parties are fun, and because FooBar is celebrating his 7th lustrum on planet earth, and the 3rd year of his company.


  • BBQ (please let us know you will be coming, so we can buy enough food, costs devided by participants)
  • Drinks (partly sponsored by FooBar)
  • Lots of hackers
  • Music (live band, looking for DJ's ....)


Facebook has the large invite/guest list... but you can also post an update here if you don't like facebook.

Please specify if you want to join the BBQ

  • FooBar (+bbq)
  • WinSCaP (+bbq)
  • Polichism + 1 (+BBQ)
  • Hansg (+bbq)
  • Hobbes +2 (+bbq)
  • Aequitas +1 (+bbq)
  • gmc (+bbq)
  • Maxell (+bbq)
  • Zarya (+bbq)
  • Juerd (+bbq)
  • Dekkers (bbq)
  • Mandy (bbq)
  • Esther +1 (bbq)
  • Stitch (bbq)

No BBQ or Vegan or otherwise:

  • Okkie (No BBQ) (Vegan because I really hate plants ;-)) Could make some #tjunk
  • TuxCrafter (+/- bbq) (Vegan because I really love life and our planet)(wil meehelpen boodschappen doen (macro?) en salades maken)

TuxCrafter heeft ongveer 2400gram versgeplukte mini-komkommers(snakkers), vine-tomaten, banananen en abrikozen geef maar een ping via IRC als mensen het willen als ik hier iets van meeneeem. Als er een grote salade gewenst is dan horen we het ook graag, Foobar is zelf niet zo van de salades :)