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* FooBar: €20
* FooBar: €20
* [[bertrik]]: €10
* [[bertrik]]: €10
* Semafoor: €20 (more if the project is better defined)
* Semafoor: €20  
* [[Morphje]]: EUR 10 (and driving to the hardware store if needed)
* [[Morphje]]: EUR 10 (and driving to the hardware store if needed)
Total pledges: €160
Total pledges: €170

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Project InductionHeater
Status In progress
Contact smeding, gori
Last Update 2014-10-16

We're working on an induction heater that can be used to heat anything conductive to high temperatures. The plan is to try to use it for forging steel and melting aluminum.

Here are some examples of what a device like this is capable of:


  • Input power: 3.5kVA, standard single-phase mains
  • Frequency: 10 - 100kHz

Inverter circuit

The basic power system looks as follows:

Induction heater system.png

230V mains input is rectified, then filtered slightly and chopped up into a variable-frequency square wave (or modified sine wave) using an H-bridge made of IGBTs. This is fed into a coupling transformer, which turns this high voltage, (relatively) low-current waveform into a higher-current, lower-voltage one more suitable for the system. This is connected to a series-resonant circuit comprised of the heating coil and a tank capacitor.

The resonant frequency changes depending on workpiece geometry, coil geometry, workpiece temperature, etc. etc. so this needs to be tracked by a controller.

The secondary side of the transformer dissipates a lot of power (there are potentially hundreds of ampères flowing there, so fairly large ohmic losses) and will need to be water-cooled to prevent it from getting too hot.


Some of the components have already been scrounged together. Thanks to benadski for acquiring an induction cooktop that contained many useful parts!

Component Cost Comments
Bridge rectifier Salvaged from cooktop
inverter IGBTs Salvaged from cooktop
Tank capacitors Salvaged from cooktop
DC link filter capacitor Salvaged from cooktop
Gate drive transformers Salvaged from cooktop
Coupling transformer core(s) €42 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/100mm-x-65mm-x-20mm-Ferrite-Rings-Toroid-for-Filters-Coils/879528762.html, we need 3 of these for enough core area
Litz wire for transformer primary Salvaged from cooktop
Copper tubing, 15mm OD * 5m €30 Conservative estimate from hardware store -- can probably do better. Will need more than 5m for larger work coil.
Copper pipe compression couplings 15mm * 2 €12 Can probably do better
Water cooling pump €5 Cheap brushless water pumps abound on eBay; e.g. http://www.ebay.com/itm/321431156285
Water cooling connections ? Need to find best solution
Water cooling radiator ? Car engine radiator goes €10 - €20 on Marktplaats. Possibly from scrapyard?
Gate driver *4 €5 e.g. http://nl.farnell.com/microchip/tc4420coa/ic-driver-mosfet-6a-smd-soic8/dp/1292283
Control electronics €10 Microcontroller, displays, assorted resistors&capacitors
Total €104


So far, the following has been pledged:

  • Gori: 50 euro
  • Flok: 10 euro
  • Walter: 50 евра
  • FooBar: €20
  • bertrik: €10
  • Semafoor: €20
  • Morphje: EUR 10 (and driving to the hardware store if needed)

Total pledges: €170