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Project Rotating XY Table for microscope
Xy plate2 2.png
Rotating XY Table for microscope
Status Completed
Contact cmpxchg
Last Update 2021-05-01

What is it?

flat 'in-view rotating' XY table 80x80 mm for microscope SMD assembly and inspection

Just 26 mm high but featuring 2 axis for movement and 1 for rotation (no Z, use microscope focus instead). All moving parts are printable. Usage: use either stick for rotation around center axis, will always be around part in-view. Twist the sticks to move the XY table with gear-reduced precision, all while keeping your eyes on the microscope.

Soldering small SMT components now becomes a lot easier and improvement of quality of work can be expected. A ring light was added for better lighting of the PCB. The gooseneck lights can still be useful to shine on side of chips to reveal their markings.



Based around an Andonstar microscope and a 12V LED ringlight from aliexpress