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Project Revspace Vacuum Former (ReVacuForm)
Status Stalled
Contact TheOnlyJoey
Last Update 2013-01-14

Vacuum Forming is awesome, and can produce a lot of parts useful for a lot of projects.

So i decided to build a Vacuum Forming Table for the space.

The Idea is to build a simple but functional structure that can produce enough precision, based on the Thurston James's Vacuform machine.

I will follow the design of as a guideline and see what components we have lying around, and what can be improved/done differently.

There are 5 modules in the design.

1. Forming Surface, wood and aluminum would be great for this, this surface has the mount for the vacuum pump.

2. Holding Frames, for holding the plastic, preferred material is steel/alum

3. The Oven, can be created DIY with Nichrome wire.

4. Vacuum System, any vacuum will do with enough power (preferred over 3hp)

5. 2 Tables/Main Surfaces, one for the Oven and one for the Former, just to stand on top of it, this can be a table or a simple tabletop surface.

Parts needed: (in progress)

- Aluminium/steel for the frame

- Wood for the forming Surface

- Vacuum Pump

- Nichrome Wire (for the oven)

- optional but would be nice: Sheet Metal for the Forming Surface