Radio controlled bicycle back light

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Project Radio controlled Bicycle back light
A battery powered bicycle back light that can be used to find your bike.
Status Initializing
Contact Mahjongg
Last Update 2018-02-21

My nephew asked me if I could help him design a school project, a bicycle back light that could be remotely controlled to blink and emit sound.

I engineered a solution around a 315MHz receiver. This is the (updated to rev 2.1) schematic. File:RF Achterlicht rev2.1.pdf RF Achterlicht rev2.1.png

31 January, 2018, made component placement

Also updated the schematic: File:Rf achterlicht rev 2,2.pdf this is the component placement drawing as a .PDF : File:Componenten opstelling rf backlight rev 2,2.pdf

this is a 3D rendering of the PCB with the latest component placement, and now also layout. Rfbacklight 3D view.png

J1 connects to the manual on switch J2 connects to the piezo buzzer (now mounted on the PCB) J3 connects to the 3V battery J4 is an optional connection to a commercial 315MHz receiver (for testing).

13 February 2018, made the layout

Added a buzzer (type ABT-407-RC) 12mm round, 6.5mm pin pitch 5.5mm high) moved main LED up to top of PCB Moved mounting holes to 66mm interval added all the copper traces and copper planes created gerber and drill files, and new 3D view. The above 3D picture is now updated, refresh your browser screen if you don't see the buzzer.

Here are pictures of the PCB, left topside, right bottom side. Now with silk screen printing

PCB bicicle backlight top side.PNG
PCB bicicle backlight bottom side.PNG

20 February 2018, added final touches

Added silk screen printing, with on silk screen indications for address data for A0 to A7, and copyright text. Changed diode from 1N4007 type to 1N4148 type. updated .PDF and 3D picture (refresh screen if you don´t see it).

Note the eight solder patch locations with which you can configure the "address" of the receiver, underneath the big decoder chip on the bottom left.