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Project Packet radio
hoe meer elektromagnetische velden, hoe meer vreugd
Status In progress
Contact Flok420, Maxell, Crashjuh
Last Update 2016-08-12

Tsja, 1200 baud… Gewoon omdat het kan! ---- Direwolf 1.3 - TX beacon voor nu - binnenkort audio-in klussen!


packetacer laptop: revspace@2001:610:76a:0:c646:19ff:fe57:e595

Currently the rpi is connected to a gl-inet (owned by Flok). The gl-inet is a client for revspace-pub. The gl-inet has a port-forward to the rpi.

IP address of the gl-inet:

MAC address of the gl-inet: e4:95:6e:40:2c:34

Currently the rpi is connected directly to the revspace network.

IP address of the raspberry pi:

MAC address of the raspberry pi: b8:27:eb:2b:a2:f9

The RPI can be accessed from RevRadio2 via IP address - this IP address is part of the liberreto TINC vpn mesh network.


We have an TNC-PI which is a TNC connected to a Raspberry Pi interfaced to a Midland Alan 48 plus (27 MHz) radio. Every five (5) minutes it sends out a beacon of information about the setup and the request to report back any receptions. Any incoming packets are being logged to the disk. If an incoming packet appears to be an APRS packet, it should get digipeated.

old settings for the radio

Instellingen alan48+.jpg

oude todo

    • Anti-kabelsalade keuze: installatiekast
      • Hier een mooie aan uit knop op voor als de zender uit moet (maar rpi aan mag blijven)
  • Add functionality
    • APRS iGate: send all incoming aprs packets to
      • Direwolf sound card tnc?
    • MQTT gateway rx/tx