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Project NoiseMeter
Measuring audio noise as citizen science
Status Initializing
Contact bertrik
Last Update 2023-11-03


This project is about measuring environmental audio noise as citizen science.

For example, noise can be:

  • road traffic noise (cars, mopeds, etc)
  • air traffic noise,
  • industrial noise, like building activities

Existing sound/noise meter projects:

This project page considers a kind of clone of the Amsterdam Sounds project.


Nano33 IOT

Nano33 IOT pinout

Hardware is a nano33 iot board.

SPH0645 nano33 iot Remark
SEL - leave unconnected
LRCK A2 (16) - I2S FS sample clock
DOUT D4 (4) - I2S SD data
BCLK A3 (17) - I2S SCK bit clock
3V 3v3


The software is based on Arduino, a kind of clone of the Amsterdam Sounds project, modified to use WiFi (instead of LoRa), written by Rene Kuijf.

My modifications consist of a platformio configuration, for easy building.

See AdamSoundsInflux-slim-nano-33 github repo for the source code.


Microphone protection

To protect the microphone, use a membrane, like:

Junction box

Simple junction boxes sold by Gamma:

A downward pointing hole can be used for an 868 MHz LoRaWAN antenna. casing



  • microphone is on a half inch (12.7 mm OD) white polystyrene pipe, 115 mm long
  • main piece is 25mm, length 160mm
  • some other connecting piecess

"RIVM" test casing

Exact dimensions unknown, see photo on this page:

My guess:

  • microphone is on a 10mm diameter pipe, length 100mm
  • main case is a 40mm diameter pipe, length 200mm