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Project LaserCutterFundRaiser
Status Completed
Contact ?
Last Update 2012-03-03

Goal: get a lasercutter for the space. We have a Lasercutter now.

Question we need to ask, who can use the laser and under what terms (pay to use ? mandatory training ?)

Raise money 'kickstarter-style' by setting up a website describing what we want, why we want it, and why people should put up their dough to support us getting one.

Site system, design

Ikarus is working on it in RoR, jail set up on multiplexer.


Walter is implicated in this part.

Site text

(first draft, comments welcome if constructive, spell checking and translation to .nl will be done when site is going live)

  • Help a hackerspace*

Revelation Space, the hackerspace in The Hague, needs a laser cutter! A bit more than a year has passed since receiving the key to our space, and we are quite settled in. The validity of the concept has been proven. We now have a shop with a nice array of basic tools, and are ready for the next step.

A laser cutter is basically a high-intensity laser beam that can cut through wood, acrylic and even thin steel. The beam can be turned on/off and moved in 2d in a very precise manner. It allows us to cut custom-made parts and all kinds of shapes from a variety of materials. At low intensities it can also engrave picture and texts. We have set our aim for a FILL-IN-PRODUCT-NAME, which has SUCH-AND-SO-FEATURES. With this piece of equipment, we can further our creative endeavors in ways we can not even imagine yet.

  • How to help*

A laser cutter is a very expensive machine. We can manage part of this cost among us, but are collecting donations to help pay for the laser cutter. This is to add to the amount collected from our members and sponsors. Our end goal is to collect a total amount of EUR 4000,-, the cost of FILL-IN-PRODUCT-NAME. You can pledge any amount you see fit towards reaching this goal. We will only collect the actual euro's once we have reached the desired amount. If we fail to get enough pledges before July 31st, we will abort the mission and not collect any money. In case you all pledge an amount surpassing what we need to obtain the lasercutter, the surplus will go towards a vinyl cutter and/or a lathe.


  • What's in it for me??*

A valid question indeed! The most important return you get is our eternal gratitude and the knowledge that you have increased the means to transform our imagination into reality (or well, at least until the tube burns out). To immortalize this gratitude, the very first job for the new lasercutter will be to engrave a plaque listing the names (or whatever identification you want) of our beneficiaries. Said plaque will be mounted against the wall above the laser cutter. Next to that, we have several gifts for our generous friends:

  • For donations between EUR 25,- and EUR 100 you will receive a somethingsomething;
  • For donations between EUR 100 and EUR 250 you will receive a somethingmoresomething;
  • For donations above EUR 250 you will receive yet something more awesome.

All of these gifts will involve application of the lasercutter.

  • About Revelation Space*

Revelation Space was founded mid-2009 and moved in to the current space in December 2009. Currently the space has almost 40 paying members from The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Zoetermeer. The ambition is to double this number by the end of 2011. In its short existence, the space has hosted several events such as a GNU hackers meetup, "Echte Hackers" and the Dutch Perl Workshop. It acts as a hub and meeting place for community-related groups around the country and beyond. National media have covered the hackerspace, both in printed media, on the web and on television. With a radio studio, a tool shop, electronics lab, library, dark room, radio studio and general purpose area the 400 square meters are optimally used for a diverse array of activities. For an overview of current projects, we refer the reader to [Projects|our project page] on the RevSpace wiki.

Revelation Space is part of a global movement of loosely connected groups with roughly the same interests. Although there are a lot of differences in the way the various hackerspaces around the world operate, they tend to share a common mind-set of experimentation, innovation and creativity. It is a place were warranties are voided. We study electronic and mechanical equipment, processes and even human culture. We try to understand, and improve.

Gift concepts

We need to figure out what to give to people donating, ideas are welcome, think along the lines of either cool lasercut stuff (thank you cards, (3D) puzzles, etc) or else otherwise extremely awesome geeky stuff

One approved, a plaque with all the names on it, attached on/near the lasercutter

Some concepts:

  • Key fob (+1)
  • House number plate
  • Name plate
  • Pen holder (+1)
  • Bicycle spoke logo thingy
  • Laser cutting something on a pen or pencil (might not be feasible)
  • Prism LED throwie
  • Ruler
  • Slide rule (kit)
  • (3D) Puzzle
  • Coin holder
  • Picture frame
  • coaster.png:
    <img src="/old/coaster.png" alt="coaster.png" width='354' height='354' style="background-color: #cccccc" />
  • fob.png:
    <img src="/old/fob.png" alt="fob.png" width='178' height='54' style="background-color: #cccccc" />