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Project FumeHood
Status In progress
Contact Mux, PeterC, Thomas
Last Update 2018-04-29

For some time now, there has been some interest in performing chemistry experiments and the like at RevSpace, with PeterC having amassed a decent amount of glassware and chemicals over the past 2 years. Until recently, we did not have a safe and contained area to actually perform any experiments in. Project FumeHood has changed that, and now provides:

  • A safe fume cupboard, made from chemically inert materials, to do the experiments in
  • Providing within the fume cupboard all the amenities you expect in a proper chemistry lab: electric outlets, gas connections, water connections, vacuum takeoff and of course air extraction through a carbon filter
  • Dedicated, safe storage for glassware and chemicals
  • A wide assortment of compatible glassware
  • A few necessary chemicals (you will usually have to supply your own specialty chemicals or replace whatever you used, except for proportionally tiny amounts or bulk chemicals)

The goings-on with the fume hood, at least initially, will mostly be documented on mux's Youtube channel PowerElectronicsBlog. You can watch the introductory video that goes over all the functionality of the fume hood here:

Youtube - PowerElectronicsBlog - Chemistry is going on: the fume hood at Revspace

The extraction filter

The filter is an activated carbon filter, which is kind of a catch-all for chemical fumes. However, it being from a highly reputable yet unnamed and datasheet-less Chinese supplier, we don't actually know for sure what it is optimized for. Therefore, caution is advised when using smelly or toxic chemicals. The filter has been tested with and confirmed to work with:

  • Alcohols (Methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, butanol, probably any alcohol)
  • Acetic acid

Be careful with high concentrations of:

  • Ammonia

Chemicals confirmed NOT to be adequately filtered:

  • Tetrachloroethane
  • Formaldehyde