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Project Arcade console repair classes
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Randy Fromm, well known in the arcade repair business from his "Blue Book" on arcade repair, will come to the Netherlands to do one of his last courses on Arcade CRT repair before he stops giving classes in it (as CRT's are becoming truly obsolete).
Status Completed
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Last Update 2019-11-11

As you might know, I often repair old Retro computer hardware, and also Arcade cabinets (see [1]). Now I have been given the opportunity to learn Arcade cabinet repair from one of the masters in the field, Randy Fromm.

From Tuesday 5 November till Friday 8 November I will follow a course in Arcade console repair, (with emphasis on CRT repair) given by the American Randy Fromm.

Randy Fromm has literally written the book on arcade repairs, (his "blue book" on arcade repair) and this will be one of his last courses, so I'm really glad to get this opportunity, to learn about arcade repair from this master.

This course is organized by the national Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer, where I am a volunteer:

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