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Event Metameet
Name Metameet

Duration 15 Oct 2019 - 15 Oct 2019

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 20:57

Vorige MetaMeet: MetaMeeting19x10x01
Volgende MetaMeet: MetaMeeting19x11x12


  1. Wie notuleert
  2. Mededelingen van het bestuur
  3. Stemmingen
  4. Status-updates, mededelingen, verzoeken om hulp en WVTTK


  • Mededelingen van het bestuur
    • Er gaan wat spullen mee naar eth0, dus wat minder op de space!
  • Status-updates, mededelingen, verzoeken om hulp en WVTTK

Noot: vanwege de GNOME-hackathon op RevSpace deze dag zijn er flink wat extra mensen: GNOME-mensen aangegeven met [G].

    • Sebastius: eth0, next friday! organise-it-yourself hacker-event, 15 EUR entry
    • Peetz0r: printed something to prevent tea mug from following over
    • Wheeze: printing a raspberry pi holder
    • [G] Marco: GNOME shell
    • [G] Carlos: Xwayland, DPI, resolution, display stuff
    • [G] Jonas: GNOME shell, bugfixing
    • PeterC, pbx, Shiz
      • Starting the initiative to get a scanning electron microscope to RevSpace!
      • Candidate machine found: working and relatively cheap at ~7000 EUR, documented
      • In the process of talking to owner
      • Raised 5000+ EUR already!
      • See the SEM project page
    • hansg: organizing GNOME hackathon at RevSpace, Plymouth work
    • Crasjuh: crimping connectors
    • [G] Oliver: Xwayland, Mutter
    • [G] Niels: GNOME shell, video frame backend stuff, Mutter
    • [G] Jonas: Mutter
    • SelfishPopcorn: in search of project
    • f0x: tweaking Quadcopter, making a Tamagotchi on the eth0 badge
    • foobar: playing with new raspberry pi
    • benadski: preparing for eth0 soldering workshop, bring your badge, turning old incandescent lights into LEDs
    • Harry: layouting
    • [G] Tobias: GNOME design
    • [G] Colin: GNOME hacker
    • [G] Jakub: GNOME design, wrapping up some 2-year old work
    • [G] Alan: GNOME design
    • [G] Georgas: implementing GNOME design team projects
    • cmpxchg: stm32 motor controller, 6-point ramping for acc/deceleration
    • fakir: playing around with ramping
    • mahjong: building a xz81 clone to replace original electronics

Metameet afgesloten om 21:07.