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Project ArduinoWalker
Status In progress
Contact User:Semafoor
Last Update 2014-05-16


This project is started to get something tangible to do with an Arduino. As I am completely new to Arduino and only fumbled around with a Basic Stamp some 5 years ago, I wanted to get started with an Arduino Pro Mini clone from the ElectronicaComponentenAutomaat. Main goals:

  • Get started with Arduino
  • Impress a 2 1/2 year old boy with a robot
Arduino Walker

Miller two-motor walker

Based on the Andrew Miller walker, it consists of two mini servo's that each control two legs. The Arduino controls the servo's through the servo library. The one-chip logic controller from the Miller design is left out completely.

To add a little more fun, a voltage devider consisting of two LDR's is added. The stroke of the rear legs is adjusted depending on the voltage and gives the walker a slight photophilic behaviour. I say slightly as the walker has a turning radius of several meters.

To Do

Build an assembly out of 50PCS Photoresistor GL5537 LDR Photo Resistors Light-Dependent NEW to give an illusion of bug eyes. Probably, only a couple of LDR's will be used on either side.