Arduino Battery Spot Welder

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Project Arduino Battery Spot Welder
2017-02-09T13 49 31.467Z-spot welder-kit2.jpg.855x570 q85 pad rcrop.jpg
Status Stalled
Contact Pepman
Last Update 2017-12-30

The Arduino Battery Spot Welder is designed by Kaeptnbalu.

This Arduino Nano based Spot Welder for battery welding, can by used for small objects like nickel stips at the common used 18650 batteries. For more details I recommend to look at Tindie.


I did collect most materials at the moment. The only thing is time and courage.

<gallery> File:2017-02-06T09 20 21.955Z-pcb_set_front.jpg.855x570_q85_pad_rcrop.jpg|. File:2017-02-06T09 20 21.955Z-back.jpg.855x570_q85_pad_rcrop.jpg|.