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Project StofAnanas
Showing particulate matter concentration as a coloured light
Status Initializing
Contact bertrik
Last Update 2019-06-15

The idea

Show current particulate matter concentration using a LED light in a lamp.

Inspired by

This lamp is a pine apple ("ananas"), bought at "Action".


  • The lamp shows particulate matter concentration as a colour, e.g. soft/positive colours for low concentration and hard/bright colour for high concentration
  • The lamp "breathes" by varying the intensity over time, e.g. a cycle of 10 seconds where the light dims a bit and brightens a bit
  • The lamp retrieves the PM value over wifi from the internet

Nice to have:

  • Automatic determination of location by means of wifi location
  • Remote control over IR


The lamp is controlled by an ESP8266, a Wemos D1 mini.


Software is available on github.