Space a no fly zone

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Project Space, a no fly zone
Status In progress
Contact benadski
Last Update 2013-09-19

Plants are not always nice (to flies)

The fruit flies that live at RevSpace have broken many of the house guidelines...

  • Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a member.
    • No member has claimed to let them in...
  • Respect fellow members, their privacy and their hardware.
    • They show no respect whatsoever...
  • No sleepovers, no drugs, no alcohol abuse.
    • They are beer addicts and sleep at the space...

Measures taken:

  • We have asked them nicely to leave, no answer and totally ignorant.
  • We tried to force them out, but they always find a way to get past us.
  • (Try) killing them. Sometimes drastic measures are taken by people driven insane. But even that didn't scare the surviving buggers.

So we paid large amounts of cash for some professional killers to do the job for us. These killers do have some requirements. They need chemicals like H2O and CO2. Also they need blue and red energy rays. The food was not a problem they said.