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Project Rondreizende meukdoos
Leuke meuk voor een rondreizende ruilactiviteit
Status Initializing
Contact Sebastius
Last Update 2020-03-28


A box, filled with usefull stuff you'd normally lend to friends in need. A care-package for us hackers in need!

We use a 'brievenbuspakje', a parcel that can be shipped without visiting a store, just a local mail box. It will arrive in your mailbox without having to open the door! Cheaper too!



  • Receiver promises to ship the box within 24 hours again.
  • Future recipient quickly passes their adress to the hacker above
  • Weight should remain below 2kg
  • Play fair, this is not the meuktafel
  • Receiver promises to update the log below with a photo and some details
  • Receiver and sender take their care in desinfecting everything. There is still a pandemic raging outside.

Log / Planning

Add yourself to the bottom of the list!

Name photo of box contents Received on Shipped? Took from box Put in box Any requests?
Sebastius - - - - nothing yet, waiting on box! But it will be good! -
You? - - - - - -