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Project Rondreizende meukdoos
Leuke meuk voor een rondreizende ruilactiviteit
Status Completed
Contact Sebastius
Last Update 2021-04-19


A box, filled with useful stuff you'd normally lend to friends in need. A care package for us hackers in need!

We use a 'brievenbuspakje', a parcel that can be shipped without visiting a store, just a local mailbox. It will arrive in your mailbox without having to open the door! Cheaper too! It will cost you 4 euros to mail it to the next person on the list.

Use the PostNL app to pay, and if you don't have a printer, select the letter (350gram-2kg) and write the postzegelcode on the package. This will be 4,40 euro though.



  • Receiver promises to ship the box within 24 hours again.
  • Future recipient quickly passes their address to the hacker above.
  • Weight should remain below 2kg.
  • Play fair, this is not the meuktafel.
  • Receiver promises to update the log below with a photo and some details.
  • Receiver and sender take their care in disinfecting everything. There is still a pandemic raging outside.

Log / Planning

Add yourself to the bottom of the list!

Name Photo of box contents Received on Shipped? Took from box Put in box Any requests?
Sebastius Meukdoos start.jpg - April 2 - ESP12 modules, ESP32, LEDs, LEGO, Switch game, stickers, USB serial, eth0 badges, soldering iron and solder, earplugs, WAGO 221, various sensors and probably more. -
f0x Meukdoos2.jpg April 4 - LEGO, Nokia screen, esp8266 modules RevSpace SMD protoboards, dupont wires, 18650, hook-and-loop-tape, (door) magnets+sensors, devboards, otter sticker, LEDs, 433Mhz stuff, DIN-rail project casing meer ledjes
Peetz0r Meukdoos3.jpg April 8 April 9
  • mini breadboard
  • 2 of the revspace protoboards
  • a weird book
  • Arduino Pro Mini's
  • HC-06 Bluetooth modules
  • more USB-serial modules
  • Pi 3 A+
  • RTL SDR with antenna
  • bigger CYBER
  • more different proto boards
Noor DSC09985 1.JPG April 14 April 15 USB soldering iron + wire, magnets, connector wire, LED stick, project box, stickers LED connector wires, laptop charger tips, display badge, built-in laptop cam, ThinkGeek Timmy sticker, speech bubble stickies USB soldering iron + wire
Boekenwuurm MeukdoosBoekenwuurm.jpg.jpg 21 april 21 april sensoren, schermpje LEDjes, sewable kitje en sensortjes die ik hier op de ooit te gebruiken lijst heb!
Kartoffel Meukdoos 22 04.jpg 21 april 22 april 18650, ESP, sensors, switch spel USB NES gamepad, Missile cover toggle switch met LED, Wemos battery shield, Cap. touch keypad, Motor driver, USB kabel, push button HTU21D, ESP8266 module, 18650 cel, TP4056 laad/beschermbordje, switch spel
Juerd Oeps, foto vergeten maar alles was al ingepakt 24 april 25 april Lipo+laad-pcb, USB serial, Arduino Nano, BME280, DHT22, plantsensor, deurmagneten, level shifter, draadjes, headers, krimpkous, wc-papier, ledlampje
antenne van RTLSDR (past niet zonder doos te slopen, wie de RTLSDR neemt kan de antenne bij me ophalen :))
Nieuwe doos, meukdoosvakverdeler, TCRT5000 reflectiesensor, mosfets (P, N), 47µF 25V low ESR, 10 mm RGB LED, ds18b20 temperatuursensor, drukknopje, knijper, kabelstripmesje, USB-adapter µ→C, gulden, kwartje, dubbeltje, stuiver, HNP -
cmpxchg Meukdoos-cmpxchg-uit.jpg 2 May 3 May see picture could not add adalm pluto SDR transmitter/receiver, too big! :( -
pepman Rondreuzendemeukdoos ontvangen.jpg 5 mei 10 mei kabelstripmesje, Cyber stickers, Cap. touch keypad, BME280, eth0 badges, Arduino Pro Mini, HC-06 Bluetooth module Handboortool, Tube Bizonkit, Tag, 220 μF Elco's -
Pwuts Meukdoos-Pwuts-uit.jpg 13 mei 18 mei Arduino Pro Mini; HC-06 module; 220µF caps; stickers; handboortje; 2x DS18B20 (TO-92 + RVS); ESP32-WROOM; 5 SHA-badge LEDs; TCRT5000 ESP-12E kitje; 2x Metertrekker v1.0d kitje; RFID-RC522 kitje; CR2032 (in Noors display badge); 5x WS2811 DIP LED; microswitch; chassis intrusion switch; liefde IR photodiode/-transistor, environmental sensors, 220µF/270µF elco's ≥6.3V
Wheeze_NL MeukdoosWheezePackage.jpg 22 May 25 May USB NES gamepad; ESP32WROOM incl. Breakout-bordje; Arduino Pro Mini; Metertrekker v1.0d kitje; chassis intrusion switch; Round PCB with LED's; some DuPont wires; DIY-Badge USB-NFC Reader/Writer, ; Critical infra, Do not hack stickers English/German;
Couldn't fit any more.
Fun Simple Sensor
joepie91 - - - - Various ICs, USB breakout modules, various stickers, whatever else I have laying around at the time, requests welcome! Rotary encoders, RTL8710 boards, unusual buttons / solderable input devices
Gori - - - - - -
Sebastius - - - - - -
You? - - - - Random hardware bits and components ??
Okz0r - - - - BladeRF, Chip wisperer, alfa stuf , (historic) electric badges ,proxmark3 reader,bump keys industrial locks with keys and manual

Projects showcase

Did you do something with the stuff from the Rondreizendemeukdoos? Show us!