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  |Name=Revelation Science with Vered Blass on Electronic Waste
  |Name=Revelation Science with Vered Blass on Electronic Waste

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Next event

  • 4 October 2011 : 20:00
  • [httphttp://envbiz.tau.ac.il/en/project_more.php?id=339&sub=45&cat=29 Dr. Vered Blass], Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Title " Electronic waste, what? where? who? "
  • Background reading:
    • [httphttp://www.grid.unep.ch/product/publication/download/ew_ewaste.en.pdf United Nations Environmental Programme report "E-waste, the hidden side of IT equipment's manufacturing and use" (4 pages)]


An evening, where an invited scientist/engineer talks about the latest/greatest/weirdest topic they work with. Goal is to present a topic or problem so that an an intelligent but lay audience can follow it. After a talk (say 45 mins to 1 hour) an hour long discussion Q&A session will take place, followed by an informal drinks and further discussion. The topics are not set or limited, as long it has a solid scientific base and can be related to things hackers / geeks care about.


Estimated frequency 12 or 6 times a year.

For who

For all RevSpace members plus any other guest that is interested in coming.

By whom

Gori will be contacting and inviting scientists from his own network + whoever else gets suggested. Please feel free to suggest a person to invite, or a topic to find a expert for below

To Do

  • Propose session/setup to the MetaMeet
  • Determine the first date
  • Start looking for speakers
  • Organize a recording setup, video & sound for youtube/web dissemination

List of potential speakers / topics

  • 4 october - Vered Blass - Tel Aviv University, - E-waste, End of Life networks and you
  • [httphttp://wiki.tudelft.nl/bin/view/Main/IgorNikolic Igor Nikolic] TPM/ TU Delft Complex Adaptive Systems theory and how to understand and model the co-evolution between social and technical systems.
  • Rene Kleijn from CML Leiden about (rare earth) metal flows through the economy/ecology
  • Chris Davis about wikis, open data, social processes and structuring complexity
  • Mark de Bruijne TPM/TU Delft about robustness and resilience in infrastructure systems
  • Frank Boons, EUR, social systems / industrial systems
  • Quantum Computing - Floor Paauw for example
  • Nanotechnology : possible contact via diggie
  • < please add an idea! >

Event Revelation Science with Vered Blass on Electronic Waste
Name Revelation Science with Vered Blass on Electronic Waste

Duration 10/04/2011 - 10/04/2011

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 20:00