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Event RevKids 2.0
Name RevKids 2.0
Contact Gori, Gert
Duration 20 April 2013 - 20 April 2013
Information A fun packed afternoon in the Space for kids with an interest in technology.

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 13:00


  • When: April 20, 13:00 - 17:00(-ish)
    • Orga team start 10:00isch
  • Target age: 6-12
    • older kids are also welcome
    • Younger as well, but will need more supervision, as RevSpace is not always safe for very small ones

Who is coming

(max 25-30 kids)

  • Confirmed number of kids : 10 (if you register please add to this number)
    • Gert: 5 kids (age 8,8,8,8 & 6)
    • User:Gori: 2 kids (5,6)
    • User:Costyn: 3 kids (3,6,8)


  • Gert
  • Gori
  • Trashman
  • Costyn
  • Maxel
  • ... ?


  • candy
  • popcorn
  • roosvicee / ranja



  • Bristlebots (the bigger ones, Xander style) -TODO Trashman confirm !(OK Trashman)
  • Electronic brain box
  • Mega Lego Trein
  • Little Bits
  • Geomag (Igors office + home)
  • Drawdio
  • Atari Punk console
  • Non-newtonian fluid (maizena fluid dancing on a subwoofer) - Costyn

  • Wide stereo viewer (double periscope to wide stereo viewing effect)
  • Super stereosound (headset with microfoons on old antenna's) -Trashman


  • Water rockets
  • Fikkie stoken
  • Giant bubbles

Activities details


  • bristlebot [1]. Build one and have a form of competition (race?)

Dishwash bristle with old cd and motor from discarded dvdrom drive Trashman will supervise this workshop. costs: battery's and holder 1,50, bristle 1,00 needed: ddrom drives (or dvd) cd's

Electronic brain box

  • Play with Electronic BrainBox

Lego Train

Little Bits

  • Trashman will bring in his set of Little Bits (tiny bricks to build electronics)



A drawdio is a fun little noise making simple piece of electronics. We're going to make on on stripboard using the schematics provided on

A working example is available, as well as sufficient parts to build a couple of them. Building one will take somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, depending on soldering skills. This activity is recommended for 8 years and up.

Atari Punk Console

The Atari Punk console is another classic noise fabricating device. The name comes from the fact that the noise is somewhat similar to the Atari 2600 sound system.

The Atari Punk Console is build around similar components as the Drawdio, but is more advanced and produces a wider range of weird noises. Again, a version which can be buildon strip board is available

Expect to spend close to 2 hours to build your very own Atari Punk console. Components and cut to size stripboards are available, as well as a working model to compare your own version against.

Giant Bubbles

Preparations beforehand

  • Make few liters bubble solution beforehand
    • Basic recipe: 240 ml distilled water, 30ml good dish soap (Dreft), 15ml glycerin. All items available at drogisterij Da.
  • Have coat hangers and wooden dowels available (broomstick sawed into pieces) for handles.

Activity on day

  • Bend coat hangers into circles.
  • Attach wire to dowels for handles
  • Have buckets or large dishes with bubble fluid
  • Enjoy!

Non-newtonian fluid

Preparations beforehand

  • Make liquid.
    • Recipe: 1 portion maizena to 2 portions water. (need to confirm this)

Demo on day

  • Powered subwoofer with maizena.
  • Optional: have kids play with the fluid themselves by dropping it, smashing it with things... but this will get messy

Water Rockets

Preparations beforehand

Launcher is ready to rock!

  • Make big compressor sourced rocket :)

Giant Vortex Cannon


Preparations beforehand

  • Make cannon

Double Periscopes / Wide Stereo Viewer


To Dos

  • Funding (mainly to cover costs of parts):
    • Contribution or voluntary donation by participants
    • Sell kits for selected projects
    • Revspace
    • External sponsors?
  • Strip everything with small speakers in it for projects
  • Trashman vragen welke projecten hij kan en wil doen
  • met XNDR de datum vastleggen
  • call for volunteers
  • projecten voorbereiden (materiaal, test build, etc)
    • Bill of materials maken en een kosten schatting maken
    • Als alle bestelde onderdelen binnen zijn een en bijeenkomst plannen tussen Devnuller en Gori
  • inkopen
  • Final "Enge Dingen Removal" ochtend van te voren.
  • Make sure there is an EHBO kit. -> There is an EHBO kit in the handwerklokaal TrashLab heeft ook een EHBO kit

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