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(Lego Train)
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** ~30 pieces of [http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/35097860/aview/4515_new.jpg straight] track.
** ~30 pieces of [http://imagehost.vendio.com/a/35097860/aview/4515_new.jpg straight] track.
** ~35 pieces of [http://www.dallasvintagetoys.com/images/products/detail/lego4520.jpg curved] track.
** ~35 pieces of [http://www.dallasvintagetoys.com/images/products/detail/lego4520.jpg curved] track.
** One [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/IMG_1916_Lego9vMotor.jpg electric train], one [https://revspace.nl/images/8/8d/Legocontroller.jpg power controller], three [http://www.brickinstructions.com/04000/4531/001.jpg turnouts].
** One [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/IMG_1916_Lego9vMotor.jpg electric train], one [https://revspace.nl/images/8/8d/Legocontroller.jpg power controller] (9-12 volts AC adapter not included!), three [http://www.brickinstructions.com/04000/4531/001.jpg turnouts].
=== Little Bits ===
=== Little Bits ===

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Event RevKids 2.0
Name RevKids 2.0
Contact Gori, Gert
Duration 20 April 2013 - 20 April 2013
Information A fun packed afternoon in the Space for kids with an interest in technology.

* Location: RevSpace
* Open from: 13:00


  • When: April 20, 13:00 - 17:00(-ish)
    • Orga team start 10:00isch
  • Target age: 6-12
    • older kids are also welcome
    • Younger as well, but will need more supervision, as RevSpace is not always safe for very small ones

Who is coming

(max 25-30 kids)

  • Confirmed number of kids : 10 (if you register please add to this number)
    • Gert: 5 kids (age 8,8,8,8 & 6)
    • User:Gori: 2 kids (5,6)
    • User:Costyn: 3 kids (3,6,8)


  • Gert
  • Gori
  • Trashman
  • Costyn
  • Maxel
  • ... ?


  • candy
  • popcorn
  • roosvicee / ranja



  • Bristlebots (the bigger ones, Xander style) -TODO Trashman confirm !(OK Trashman)
  • Electronic brain box
  • Mega Lego Trein
  • Little Bits
  • Geomag (Igors office + home)
  • Drawdio
  • Punk console
  • Non-newtonian fluid (maizena fluid dancing on a subwoofer) - Costyn

  • Wide stereo viewer (double periscope to wide stereo viewing effect)
  • Super stereosound (headset with microfoons on old antenna's) -Trashman


  • Water rockets
  • Fikkie stoken
  • Giant bubbles

Activities details


  • bristlebot [1]. Build one and have a form of competition (race?)

Dishwash bristle with old cd and motor from discarded dvdrom drive Trashman will supervise this workshop. costs: battery's and holder 1,50, bristle 1,00 needed: ddrom drives (or dvd) cd's

Electronic brain box

  • Play with Electronic BrainBox

Lego Train

Little Bits

  • Trashman will bring in his set of Little Bits( tiny bricks to build electronics)


Giant Bubbles

Preparations beforehand

  • Make few liters bubble solution beforehand
    • Basic recipe: 240 ml distilled water, 30ml good dish soap (Dreft), 15ml glycerin. All items available at drogisterij Da.
  • Have coat hangers and wooden dowels available (broomstick sawed into pieces) for handles.

Activity on day

  • Bend coat hangers into circles.
  • Attach wire to dowels for handles
  • Have buckets or large dishes with bubble fluid
  • Enjoy!

Non-newtonian fluid

Preparations beforehand

  • Make liquid.
    • Recipe: 1 portion maizena to 2 portions water. (need to confirm this)

Demo on day

  • Powered subwoofer with maizena.
  • Optional: have kids play with the fluid themselves by dropping it, smashing it with things... but this will get messy

Water Rockets

Preparations beforehand

  • Make big compressor sourced rocket :)

Giant Vortex Cannon

Howto http://cdn.makezine.com/make/vortex.pdf

Preparations beforehand

  • Make cannon

Double Periscopes / Wide Stereo Viewer


To Dos

  • Funding (mainly to cover costs of parts):
    • Contribution or voluntary donation by participants
    • Sell kits for selected projects
    • Revspace
    • External sponsors?
  • Strip everything with small speakers in it for projects
  • Trashman vragen welke projecten hij kan en wil doen
  • met XNDR de datum vastleggen
  • call for volunteers
  • projecten voorbereiden (materiaal, test build, etc)
    • Bill of materials maken en een kosten schatting maken
    • Als alle bestelde onderdelen binnen zijn een en bijeenkomst plannen tussen Devnuller en Gori
  • inkopen
  • Final "Enge Dingen Removal" ochtend van te voren.
  • Make sure there is an EHBO kit. -> There is an EHBO kit in the handwerklokaal TrashLab heeft ook een EHBO kit

Shopping List