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Neus (or "Nose" for Dutch impaired people) sniffs the gasses that are sucked out of the klusbunker. It's that little pcb screwed onto the right wall.

The measurements can be viewed at Note that you can click on most (not the one at the top) graphs to view a heatmap of the measurements.

what is what

  • MQ-135 NH3, NOx, alcohol, Benzene, smoke, géén CO2 (getest door benadski)
  • MQ-2 LPG, i-butane, methane, alcohol, Hydrogen, smoke
  • MQ-3 alcohol
  • MQ-4 compressed natural gas
  • MQ-6 LPG, iso-butane, propane, alcohol, smoke
  • MQ-7 carbon monoxide
  • MQ-8 Hydrogen, alcohol, LPG,cooking fumes
  • MQ-9 CO/Combustible gas, Methane, Propane and CO


  • it uses 7-10 watt (because the sensors have little heaters in them)
  • has 8 MQ-sensors
  • Arduino based
  • talks via an NRF24L01 with the rest of the space
  • has a DHT11 for temperature/humidity
  • temp/hum may have an offset because they are in the airway and because they are located to 8 heaters(!)
  • if I remember correctly, I used this bunch of sensors. these are the MQ-sensors with some extra logic soldered on a breakout board.



  • Neus1.jpg
  • Neus2.jpg
  • Gas-detection-module-MQ-2-MQ-3-MQ-4-MQ-5-MQ-6-MQ-7-MQ.jpg
  • Dht11.png


Initially designed/soldered by Flok. Later on Benadski boosted the sensitiviy of the sensors.

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