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Revspace currently pushes some MQTT/Moquitto messages to a mosquitto (mqtt) server running on gateway. The messages are also bridged to the public server

We are currently using the namespace '/revspace/'

Under this namespace we currently send messages for:

  • /revspace/sensors/co2 -- The current value on the co2 meter
  • /revspace/button/skip - skip button for the music
  • /revspace/button/stop - stop button for the music
  • /revspace/button/shuffle - shuffle-play for the music
  • /revspace/button/nomz - NOMZ button pressed

To receive/subscribe to these messages, download mosquitto-clients, or a MQTT library and write your own client.

For mosquitto-clients, use:

 mosquitto_sub -h -t "/revspace/#" -v


 mosquitto_sub -h -t "/revspace/#" -v