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Revelation Space %BR% Binckhorstlaan 172 %BR% 2516 BG Den Haag %BR%

Or: right here (note, the car dealership banners have since been removed)

Cell: +31-6-4754.8880 %BR% Voip: +31-70-2127681

Bank account number, ABNAMRO Den Haag.

IANA PEN: 36206

Getting there by tram

The nearest tram-stop is 'Weteringplein', where line 17 calls. It is right in between the stops Den Haag Centraal and Den Haag HS, which are the two main railway stations.

From there it is a 10-minute walk to the space:

  • When getting out of the tram, follow the road that runs parallel to the viaduct, walking in the direction of the upwards slope;
  • When you get at a crossing wit h traffic lights, turn right (you are now on the Rijnstraat, which continues as the Lekstraat and finally as the Binckhorstlaan after the train viaduct);
  • After about 8 minutes you will see nr. 172 at your left hand, you're there!

From Den Haag Centraal (where several, if not most, of the regional tram and lightrail lines call) it is also within walking distance. See [#Getting_there_by_train|Getting there by train].

Getting there by bus

During the day, there are three busses that call near the space:

  • Bus 26 - from Kijkduin to Voorburg, stop 'Zonweg' is very near the space (get out at McDonalds) - after about 20:00 hours this bus will terminate a few stops early at Den Haag HS (train station);
  • Bus 30 - from Den Haag HS (train station) to Maassluis - stop 'Wegastraat' is very near the space (get out at McDonalds) - after about 19:30 hours this bus will terminate at Rijswijk, which is miles from the space.

Getting there by train

Travel to Den Haag Centraal or Den Haag HS. From there, either take a bus or tram (see ...) or walk.

From Den Haag Centraal (about 15-20 minutes walking):

  • Exit the station at the left side (where platforms for tram 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17 are) and then follow the road left along the railway (this is the Rijnstraat, which continues as the Lekstraat);
  • After about 6-8 minutes, you will traverse underneath three train viaducts, you are now on the Binchorstlaan;
  • After another couple of minutes, you will see nr. 172 on your left hand, you're there!

From Den Haag HS (about 15 minutes walking):

  • Take the exit on the east-side of the station, in the direction of the 'Haagse Hogeschool' (Technical University), take the diagonal bridge, at the end of the bridge continue in the same direction (on the other side of the water, follow Neherkade), until you reach the !McDonalds at the intersection with the Binckhorstlaan.

Getting there by car

From outside of Den Haag, take A4 or A13 to Den Haag. Then take the A12, and leave the highway at exit 4 (Voorburg). Turn left at the traffic lights, follow the road (Maanweg) until it makes a bend to the right. You are now on the Binckhorstlaan. Take a right at the second traffic lights after the afore-mentioned right curve (big intersection, at !McDonalds). Park your car, you are there!

From inside Den Haag: man, don't you know how to drive to the Binckhorst??