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After acquiring a plasma cutter at the space, it seemed only logical to try and fabricate a CNC version eventually.

This goal is still a while away for now, but as always, we are full of Ideas and this is a convenient place to put them.


  • 3x3 m working area
  • movement speed of 1000mm/s
  • Calibrated accuracy and precision of +/- 0.1mm

Axis motors

smeding is going to design and build a proof of concept linear (synchronous) motor for use in the X- and Y-axes. This test rig will be used to determine whether a DIY LSM is at all useful for our application and to finalize the design if we choose to go with the concept. Specifically, this involves figuring out:

  • How the attainable accuracy compares to the wanted specifications
  • How the attainable movement speed compares to the wanted specifications
  • A final design for the drive electronics
  • Coil and armature geometries
  • Rail geometries (magnet size, spacing and orientation pattern and any backing)
  • Optimal control schemes

After this, we'll be ready to construct the three rails (2x X and 1x Y) that make up the bulk of the CNC machine.