Building Glasgow

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Project Building Glasgow
debugging PCB assembly so we can build a PCB to debug our PCBs
Status Initializing
Contact noopwafel, Shiz
Last Update 2020-01-15


We're going to try assembling some Glasgow [1] PCBs. The FPGA is BGA, and there are >100 jellybean parts to place, so this will probably involve the Reflow Oven. Failure is fun!

If we make this work, then we can probably put a bunch of them together for <100eur each, but for now this is just an experiment.

Glasgow is described as an `open source multitool for digital electronics'; it's basically an FPGA with configurable level shifting for 16 ESD-protected I/O pins, so you can connect it to a whole bunch of random interfaces:



We ordered 50 revC1 PCBs and a stencil from JLCPCB.

  • They asked for confirmation that the solder mask layer was meant to be missing the DNP parts, replied.
  • They arrived and are in noopwafel's samla.
  • We also have solder paste.

noopwafel plans to buy about 10 board's worth of components; the total BOM cost is about 70eur in these quantities.

  • We managed to import a BOM into Mouser, and to break Digikey's BOM manager.
  • YC248-JR-0710KL is fine (the 'L' is somehow an optional part of the part number...)
  • The HX4K is 1eur cheaper..
  • noopwafel has a BOM spreadsheet for managing this now; order split between mouser, digikey and TME.
  • Parts are all ordered!

We should put together some simpler boards in the reflow oven. noopwafel plans to try one of the iceGLITCH boards.