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Project 36C3 Tickets
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Status Initializing
Contact Foobar
Last Update 2019-10-21



Regular ticket is €140,-, budget ticket is priced at €120,-


Revspace Participants

Name Ticket type (Budget, Regular, Supporter, CCC member) Deposited to revbank Ticket ordered Mode de transport
Jelle Regular yes yes Train
joepie91 Regular yes yes Train
minicom Regular Yes yes Car
pbx Budget yes yes Car
pinoaffe Budget yes yes Car
h3x4d3c1m4l Regular yes No Car
cmpxchg Regular Yes No Car
Shiz Regular Yes No Train?
noopwafel Regular Yes No Train?
zawadi Regular No No Train
bwb Regular yes* No Train
Juerd Budget No No Car
f0x Budget No No Train
Wheeze_NL Budget Yes No Blimp
audionerd Regular Yes No NedCar


Name Ticket type (Budget, Regular, Supporter, CCC member) Deposited to revbank Ticket ordered Mode de transport
minicom (voor vriendengroep) 4x budget Yes No
h3x4d3c1m4l (voor vriendengroep) 4x regular No No
zawadi (voor vrienden) 3x regular, 1x up and coming No No
CensoredUsername (Shiz) 1x regular Yes No
bwb friends (Dexter) 1x regular maybe? No Train
Wheeze_NL (TheOmega & Sciuro & Link) 3x regular Yes No Blimp
noopwafel (voor vrienden) 3x regular Yes No

Tickets for sale

None so far.


Seats available

Name Capacity (seats) Capacity (luggage) Fuel type Fuel economy Costs Destination Parking Arrival Leave Other
You? # # # # # # Somewhere in Leipzig.. ? dec ? dec/jan #

Seats needed

Name Luggage requirements Driving license Desired arrival Desired leave

Seats taken

Name Seats

Handy dandy stuffs