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Early 1984 I was taught TRS level 1 BASIC at highschool. Late 1984 I bought my first computer, which was a ZX Spectrum. Mid 1987 I bought my first Sinclair QL computer, which became my main computer until summer 1995. Then I bought my first Intel based PC running OS/2, and added Linux Slackware somewhere early 1996. Moving over to the Intel camp, didn't mean that I left the Sinclair scene. In 1988 I became a participant of the sin_QL_air foundation. I gradually got more involved in the foundations activities (hardware/spares stock, maintaining the software library, and setup and hosting of the website) until its last meeting in Eindhoven, October 2007. I still have too much ZX Spectrum stuff and QL's at home collecting dust.

In 2012, I was browsing through the site of DealExtreme and discovered the Arduino. I ordered one together with some breakoutboards and got fond of the platform. While looking around in the world of Arduino I also discovered the Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black. However, while having not much time and space to make projects at home, I've finally found a space for it.