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Event USB protocol reverse engineering workshop
Name USB protocol reverse engineering workshop

Duration 4 May 2014 - 4 May 2014

* Location: RevSpace: Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL, The Hague
* Open from: 12:00-laat

4 May 2014 - We're organizing a workshop on reverse engineering USB protocols of devices with proprietary protocols.


Reverse engineering protocols is fun! It's like a puzzle, and if there's software out there that can solve the puzzle, your brain can do it too.

We'll be taking a look at reverse engineering the protocols on USB-connected devices. Too many of these devices still come with windows drivers only, and use an undocumented protocol. Figuring out those protocols is often a lot easier than you might think, and so is writing a simple driver.

If you want to participate in this workshop, bring a Linux laptop, preferably with a virtual machine with a Windows guest OS. See the Packlist for more details.

This workshop will be given by Hans de Goede. Hans has reverse engineered and written drivers for various USB webcams, digital photoframes, etc. as well as written the network USB redirection protocol + stack used in qemu and Spice.


We advise you to bring the following with you to the workshop:

  • A laptop + charger with on there:
    • A Linux distro of your choice
    • The wireshark-gtk package
    • A virtual machine solution (recent qemu + virtmanager, or virtualbox, or vmware
    • A windows vm image
    • Please test in advance that USB redirection works for the vm on the laptop
  • If you have an exotic USB device that only has a Windows driver, please bring that too.
  • Money for:
    • Drinks (we'll have various soda's and Mate available)
    • Dinner (if you want to stay in the evening)


time activity
12:00 Revspace open

12:30 USB protocol and USB reverse engineering introduction - Hans de Goede
13:00 USB protocol sniffing and analysing demo
13:30 Workshop: start sniffing the usb protocol of your own device

14:30 Break
15:00 Legal aspects of reverse engineering - Walter van Holst
15:45 Introduction to writing simple usb apps using libusb - Hans de Goede
16:00 Workshop: continue sniffing or start writing a small app to talk to your device

17:30 Social event

19:50 Dodenherdenking
20:15 More social event


The workshop will be held in Revspace: Spoorlaan 5d, 2495 AL, The Hague. For more information see: ContactAndRoute.


If you plan to attend please send a mail to, so that we will know how much people to expect.