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Project Trimble Acutime 2000
Just putting some info out there about these old gps timing modules
Status Completed
Contact thomas
Last Update 2019-02-23


I had some trouble figuring out how to connect one of these old receiver units to its interface box. The pinout turns out to be identical to the older Palisade units! I've listed the connections below, maybe it will save someone else the trouble of plowing through endless documentation.

DB-25M Acutime Description
1 1 Power
7 9 Ground
9 12 PPS-
10 8 Transmit Port A (T-)
11 4 Transmit Port B (T-)
12 7 Receive Port A (R+)
13 3 Receive Port B (R+)
21 11 PPS +
22 10 Transmit Port A (T+)
23 5 Transmit Port B (T+)
24 6 Receive Port A (R-)
25 2 Receive Port B (R-)
  • Acutime pin numbers are those listed in the Trimble manual.