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Owner: Folkert van heusden

Pinout: g/y/r are on pins 2/3/4. Brown is on 5V, blue on gnd. External power on gnd & vin.

Running as /root/ on "squeezebox-klusbunker" ( Sends messages to /dev/nr24l01p


Listens on nrf24l01, same channel as rest of infra. Command: STPLxxx where x is either '0' or '1' (ascii characters, not binary values).

Internet state stoplicht.jpg


Connected to jukebox.

Device: /dev/tl

Serial, 115k2, requires ascii-string ended with cr/lf/cr+lf/lf+rc/and other variations. 3 characters (not binary bytes) that are either 0 or 1. Order: green, yellow, red.

Arduino requires extra seperate power supply or else it'll go in a reboot-loop when switching.