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Oh-oh. Since we recently moved we have no dedicated studio anymore. This information is outdated!

In order to be able to make live radio for Signal, and because we can, we have a radio studio in the space. It is sharing a room with the library.

Usually, you should be able to take a peek in the studio on the studiocam.

Mixing desk

  • Behringer Xenyx !X2000USB mixer (8 mic inputs w/ compression, 4 line-in, usb out)
  • random old dell (2.3GHz celeron) for playing music and streaming from the mixer's usb feed
  • crappy old dell for skype
  • KVM to switch between DJ and Skype
  • Foob's crappy EUR 20 microphone
  • Fish_'s cheap headphones

Host desk

  • Behringer HA 400 headphone amp, 4 headphone outputs, for host and studio guests
  • Sennheiser E845 mike
  • line in from mixer desk


  • Voip PBX with multiple outputs sending to the mixer
  • Putting the mixing desk + pc's in a flight case for portability
  • Extra flatscreen to eliminate KVM

Mixing desk howto

This place left intentionally blank. Will at some point explain how to use the mixing desk to do a show.