Spectrum Analyzer

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Project Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer.jpg
Status In progress
Contact Crashjuh
Last Update 2022-08-24


The device is overhauled by Crashjuh, with some help from Maxell.
At present, there are again a number of buttons that refuse service.
These buttons would therefore be replaced by new buttons.

Advantest TR4172 (TR4171/TR4172 Spectrum Analyzers)

Low end frequency limit 50.00 Hz
High end frequency limit 1.80 GHz
Resolution Bandwidth Min. 10 kHz
Resolution Bandwidth Max. 0
Amplitude Range --
Status discontinued
Launch Date --
Discontinued on --
Supported until --
See also TR4171

Advantest TR4172 Features
50Hz to 1,800MHz,
10Hz resolution,
reflection measurement bridge,
tracking generator,
very low noise level,

Operating manual / Maintenance manual