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There is an increasingly less vague plan to have !RevSpace hoodies, either produced by eg. smlx (Hxx hofleverancier) or DIY at cabfablab. The general plan is to have them before 26c3, smlx can even fix that for us!

Some designs up at the LogoContest page, if you have additional ideas or strong preferences make them known!

If you are interested, please put nick and requested size down below. Cost will be EUR 40,-. If you put your name down before, without knowing the actual cost, please put a '1' in the column 'order' now to indicate you're ok with the price and indeed want one!

Interested parties

Naam/Nick *size* *order*
gmc XL 1
larstiq L 1
H2oS L 1
Dekkers S 1
brainsmoke L 1
Cinder XL 1
Blokje L 1
Turiphro L? 1
Foobar XL 1
Knorrie XL 1
Fish (Randomdata) L 1
praseodym L 1
Anykey L 1
you? XXXL ?


-- Main.KoenMartens - 15 Dec 2009