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Our crucibles

  • several small graphite ones <50ml
  • ~100ml graphite
  • 200 ml SiC graphite
  • 2 x 400ml graphite
  • 5.3 L Sic

KroezenOpRevspace may2018.jpg KroezenOpRevspace boven may2018.jpg

The seller of 5L crucible claims "Ze zijn geschikt voor het smelten van metaal tot 1100°C". Silicium Carbide ( SiC) crucibles all over the internet are all rated up to 1500-1600 °C. No reason to believe that ours is any different. As the seller is a art supply store, I suspect this is a non-techie way of saying "Use only for non-ferrous metals", which is consistent advice for all for SiC crucibles. If you are serious about melting cast iron or steel, you probably know what you are doing anyway ;)

How to use crucibles

  • Liquid metal is seriously dangerous. Do not YOLO this, it will hurt you.
  • Melting Aluminium? No, soda cans are NOT a good source of aluminium.
    • They may contain residual moisture, and can explode when dipped in molten metal.
    • They are covered in paint and coatings, and create a LOT of slag.
  • Do not pack/jam solid metal into the crucible! As it heats it will expand, and can crack the crucible.
  • After pouring metal, *always completely* empty the crucible! Clean out as much slag as possible.
  • Keep dry, only store back into the samla when completely cooled off

Things to make