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Since very recent, RevSpace has an old sewing machine. It's an entry level VendoMatic from 40 or 50 years ago, which means it's probably better built than anything new you can buy on today's non-professional market.



It has a few broken bits around the zig-zag function. As a consequense, you can only sew in a straight pattern. Offsetting the needle from the middle does still work. This function is indicated by the B0rken-arrow

Stitch patterns

The pattern stitching functions, as selected by the selection wheel indicated with Broken(1-4), is broken too. Only the M-function works. M probably stands for manual, but it means either straight or plain zig-zag sewing.


Foot pedal

The plug is a bit dubious, but it's perfectly funcional

Rectangular panel

In the rectangular panel on the right, there are a knob, a push button and a LMR slider. these work just fine, and are for

  • Knob: Stitch length - a value from 0-4 for the distance between the individual stitches. For regular sewing, a value between 2,5 and 4 is good.
  • Push button: Push to engage reverse, mostly for starting and finishing a seam
  • LMR slider: Move the needle from left to right a bit. Normal operation is M (middle)

Tread tenstion and routing

works like every other sewing machine i've encountered

Spool winding

Just put a spool on the protruding spindle at the top, hand wind a few turns of thread on it by hand, and click the spindle to the other position. Then gently increase the rev's with the foot pedal

Other operations and setup

The rest of the setup and functions are too tedious to put on the wiki, but are very easily instructed IRL. Ask me or your grandmother how to do them.