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Project SMD protoboard
1.27mm pitch SMD protoboard
Status Initializing
Contact noopwafel, f0x
Last Update 2020-02-21

electroniceel's advanced protoboard has 1.27mm pitch pads for SMD components, mixed with standard 2.54mm through-holes.

We had a stack of eth0 DIY badges at the space, but we're running out.

Feb 18: f0x hacked up a design, going to try ordering HASL from JLCPCB.
Feb 21: f0x made new design, debating to order 200 or 300 with ENIG from JLC

New Design

Board size of 46x61 mm, same workable area as 'normal' green THT protoboards
RevSpace led in top left, and attribution link on the back
3x 2.5M mounting holes


JLC Paneling 5x4, ENIG plating, remove order number comes in at:
300 pcs: 126.17 euro, 42 cent (inc douane 0.53)
200 pcs: 95.33 euro, 48 cent (inc douane 0.62)
with perhaps import fees 1.21*product price + 15 euro administration cost

Below is the old info/calculations:


Most convenient size is probably 5x3cm protoboard - the repo has gerbers already panelized and these fit 6 protoboards per 100mm*100mm panel. There are two alternative designs:

  • protoboard on both sides
  • protoboard on one side, ground plane on the other side

1.2mm thickness is a good compromise for weight.


Best idea may be 200 1.2mm protoboards of 50mm*30mm: if they're willing to use HASL, JLCPCB would do this for 44eur (because we're under the 22eur VAT limit), which makes it 22c/boards. Worth a try!

Assuming 50 panels (300 protoboards):

  • JLCPCB: HASL/1.2mm: approx 85eur, ENIG/1.2mm: approx 105eur including shipping/VAT. Supposedly JLCPCB don't want to manufacture these unless you choose ENIG.
  • Elecrow: HASL/1.2mm: approx 105eur including shipping/VAT. Supposedly Elecrow will do these with HASL.

This basically means the raw cost is at least 35c/board (or 30c/board if we get JLCPCB to do them in HASL). Plan would be to put them in revbank: either individually, or panels (of 6).


We could spin our own custom panels with revspace logo/name (on the breakoff tabs?).