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Project SE30
Se30 IMG 2248.JPG
Teaching an old Mac new trics
Status Completed
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Last Update 2016-10-23

Regifted to AwesomeRetro

Got an old Macintosh SE30 donated. It was broken (Simasi-Mac), but the harddrive was spinning. Worth repairing!

I have some experience with the SE30, this is actually my second unit to repair:

That unit i still own, but the harddrive was dead and unfixable. If all else fails i'll use the logicboard from my working unit to fix this one. But first i'll try and repair it!

Getting the hardware working

SE30 screen garbage.JPG

Leaky caps

The SE30 is known for leaky capacitors (also the main backup-battery tends to leak or explode...). Removed all electrolytic caps (except the big blue ones). Cleaned the old solder off, washed the board with Isopropyl Alcohol and a toothbrush to stop the corrosion. Repaired a few via's that were corroded (didnt measure, just resoldered them with fresh solder and flux). Then placed new caps: used 100uF instead of 47uF because that's what i had lying around. The 1uF cap is replaced with a non-SMT 2.2uF cap, for the same reasons.

Se30 IMG 2238.JPG Se30 IMG 2240.JPG

Look closely and you can see the ooze and the corrosion it caused...


Well... That was fast!

Se30 IMG 2248.JPG