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Event SAG2012S
Name SAG2012S
Contact RAvOX
Duration 2012-07-07 - 2012-07-07
Information Semi-Annual Gathering 2012 Summer

* Location: RevSpace, The Hague
* Open from: 12:00

July 7th will be the projectlodge's fifth half-yearly event: the Semi-Annual Gathering 2012 Summer (SAG2012S in short).

The door is open at 12:00, the program starts at 13:00.


  • We want you for the Projectlodge by Ynte Kramer
  • Lockpicking by Jos Weyers
  • Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation in FOSS by Finne Boonen
  • New CoderDojo in The Hague by Steve Maddison

You have the opportunity for a lightning talk and we'll conclude the day socializing with a drink.

Afterwards, ordering food is a possibility at your own expense.