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Soundcard (kit) for Arduino/Wemos boards based on a SAA1099 stereo soundchip.

Compatible with:

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Arduino Nano R3
  • Wemos D1 R2


  • Stereo sound through SAA1099 chip
  • Mono sound out of PWM pin of uC
  • MIDI input, routed to RX or a standard I/O pin (use header for selecting which one)
  • TTL serial on 3 pin header (MIDI can use RX)
  • 3,5mm jack output
  • SPI is used for sending the data to the soundchip via a 74HCT595
  • The output, clock and latch of the shift register are available on a pin header.

Today (20170926) the boards and crystal oscillators arrived! The boards look very nice. Later on I will populate and test them.


Populated and tested (20171001), and after some minor adjustments, it is alive! :D

And a schematic (this is the old one):

Schem saa.png

The free kits are all handed out, I added some extra components to fix the MIDI input.

But I didn't have header pins and sockets for the chips yet, source them yourself please...

Oh, and you can solder the extra 100N caps across the 4k7 resistors near the opamp.

So if you have got a board, solder everything onto it except for the MIDI section.

You can test the board now! This program will provide you with the first notes!

You can fix the midi section if you build up the parts around the optocoupler on a experimenters PCB like in the following schematic:

Schem saa2.png

Here is some music that could play on this chip!