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Please note: these are guidelines, not rules. The official rules are here.

We accept patches : in real-life, as with code, all is dynamic and up to change -- don't complain, make the change; Changes in these guidelines can be discussed and voted on in the Metameet.

Yes, you can : any member wanting to work on a project, making use of infrastructure of Revelation Space, can assume a YES,GREAT (unless the project is (bio-)hazardous, damaging the infrastructure, or bluntly illegal under Dutch law); In case of doubt, please contact the board.

free stuff: Objects on the free-stuff table can be claimed by anyone, participant or not. However, they should be either moved to a personal shelf or out of the space. Objects can moved to the trash without warning.

Talking is silver, silence is gold, getting off your lazy butt and doing is rare earth !

Don't panic : as it gets you around in the universe, guess it also counts in our space;

Some rules to follow:

  1. There are no passengers on this ship, only crew members;
  2. We are explorers, not pirates;
  3. Upon leaving the ship, clean your spot and the spot next to you; Return all tools to their proper location.
  4. Drinks are in the fridge, they are cool, cheap and help us stay afloat; please fill-up the fridge when the end is in sight, so we have cool drinks tomorrow.
  5. Respect fellow members, their privacy and their hardware;
  6. Communication generally works better than conflict;
  7. The guy / girl mopping the deck deserves more respect than the non-existing captain.
  8. No sleepovers, no drugs, no alcohol abuse.
  9. Don't use tools if you don't know how they work or didn't have the required trainings (lasercutter, powertools, welder, etc)

Some tips:

  1. Sharing is good, share your knowledge, creativity and code;
  2. Respect is not forced, it is earned;
  3. Parrots have no original thoughts, think, don't be a parrot;
  4. Truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Most issues aren't binary anyway. Requantize;
  5. Last but not foremost: be excellent to each other.

Practical matters

  1. Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a member;
  2. If you are organizing something big, a workshop or lecture, where you expect lots of guests (non-members), please communicate well before and update the agenda.
  3. If you arrive at the space, pull the 'Space State'-handle (right from the door), to let other people know the space is opened. This is automatically logged on IRC.
  4. If you are the last to leave, make sure all lights and devices (outside of the server-room) are turned off, the heating has been turned down and all windows and doors are closed. Lastly, turn off the hallway light and make sure the door is locked behind you (try to nudge it open).