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For all those interested in RFID:

I want to organize a one day workshop on the subject.

Please state your interest in joining the workshop by adding your name to the list below.

These are the most commonly used RFID frequencies:

  • 125 KHz (Low Frequency)
  • 13.56 MHz (High Frequency)
  • 860 - 950 MHz (Ultra High Frequency)
  • 2.45GHz (Microwave).

My personal interest is in high frequency RFID. These high frequency cards consist mainly of piece of memory that can only be read when supplying the right cryptographic keys. Some cards even have a small CPU's on board. This is somewhat different then most of the low frequency RFID cards, that operate at 125 Khz, which often only produce a 'unique' bitstream.


  Saturday the 20th of March 2010, 13:00 hours




There will be workshops and lectures. I'll give some basic 101 on RFID. Roel can give some excellent insight into CRYPTO1 and it's weakness

We will have some fun with:

  1 The !ProxMark3
  1 !TouchaTag and !LibNFC
  1  Custom build hardware
  1 ...


  • Tomputer
  • Roel V
  • gmc
  • turiphro
  • Cinder
  • praseodym
  • aaaargh
  • Patterns
  • Eightdot
  • Colin
  • pa4wdh
  • FooBar
  • Gohla
  • Carbon XIII
  • Dekkers
  • Blokje
  • varna
  • tg

-- Main.TomPuter - 23 Feb 2010