Revspace Chemical Extravaganza

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Event Revspace Chemical Extravaganza
Name Revspace Chemical Extravaganza
Contact PeterC
Duration TBD
The date "TBD" was not understood.
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Information A Chemical Extravaganza

* Location: RevSpace Sparkshack or kantine (TBD)
* Open from: We're open from TBD
* Ticket price: Recommended donation of 6 euro (chemicals are expensive)
* Sign-up page: On the wiki

What is this?

The Revspace Chemical Extravaganza is a great way to learn about chemistry, safety, and have fun doing it.

Why should I come

  • Take part in fun experiments
  • See what NOT to do
  • Learn something
  • See how to safely use chemicals at the space

The Plan

  • Slides


  • Safety
  • Your eyes (egg), your eyes on acid (HCl + Whatever I can find in the cabinet)

- The booms:

  • KMnO4 stuff
  • Chlorate Stuff

- The Glow

  • Making TCPO?
  • Glow-Stick Chemistry

- Other:

  • Nylon 6,10?


  • Discussion about chemical procurement for projects
  • Q&A


  • Chlorines oxidizing properties (displacing lower halogens from solutions)


  • Projector (Can we put it in the sparkshack)


  • PeterC will be in charge of procurement


There is a current recommended donation of 6 euro (yes, chemicals are expensive)


Max 10 People [Please put your username in the appropriate category(appropriate for all levels)]

[Proficient Chemist]

[I know what chemistry is]

  • Sebastius (i only had Chemistry during highschool for about 2 years...)
  • Pepman (Only one year school experience of long long ago... So teach me! :-))
  • Benadski (I drank a little bit of H2SO4 60% one time, that was a weird experience)

[What's chemistry?]

Questions, Comments, or Concerns