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An initiative to have monthly circuit-bending nights at !RevSpace. Anything related to music goes.

Ideas for activities

  • Ask the guys from MEECAS for tips on how to get started
  • Get some books in
  • Contact the department of sonology of the royal dutch conservatory in Den Haag
  • Wilco Botermans (theremin, moogerfoogers, MAX, MSP), Gene Carl (live elektronica, keyboards, elektrische autoharp, glockenspiel),,,,,

Project idea

  • Building synthesizers
    • analog
    • based on 74xx hardware
    • based on arduino
  • [GameboyDrumKit|Making a midi SID drumcomputer for my electronic drumkit];
  • Building 74xx based sequencer like things.

Monday 10th of January

We played with the Casio SA-1, trying some bends that were out there on the web. Then we moved on to exploring the voltage crash: add a potmeter to the DC feed, and twist that until the point where it almost stops working. Interesting results ensued: strange loops, awesome distortions, random sounds. It was very tricky to find the point, as the potmeter ranged from the entire voltage span of 0V to 5V, whereas the 'sweet spot' seems to be around 3.0 volts, and a few millivolts around that. Therefore we experimented with adding extra resistors to the voltage divider, to make the pot adjust the voltage between around 2.8V to 3.2V. We failed spectacularly, and decided to try an LM317 based circuit next time.

We also briefly explored the possibilities with the gameboy for making music.

Monday 14th of February

Play a bit more with the Casio SA-1, try a voltage regulator circuit for better control of the voltage.

Hopefully, my gameboy flash cartridge has arrived by then as well, so i can start writing software for [GameboyDrumKit|the drumcomputer project].

Monday 14th of March

Monday 11th of April

Well, i (gmc) will be reverse engineering the gameboy flash cartridge, we have a special guest: the schausen lorenze 81-track tape recorder (or whatever the thing is called).

Monday 12th of September

gmc will be doing more gameboy flash cartridge reversing