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Project Restocking
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The Great Restocking of 2020
Status Initializing
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Last Update 2020-08-09


This is our shopping list for stuff from praxisdienst (for space use). Feel free to add items, links, et cetera!

Item How many Link
Dropper bottles x x
Test tubes x x
Petri dishes x x
Syringes x x
Needles x x
Dispenser needles x x
Kim wipes x x
Scalpel blades x x
Pasteur pipettes x x
Dental applicators x x
Gloves x x
Masks? x x
Sharps bins? x x
Stethoscope x x
Item: URL: Number: Price: Notes:
Dropping Bottle 100ml 10 0.40
Pipette Dropper Cap 100ml 10 0.40
Test Tubes with Rim 16x150 1 8.75
Test Tube Clamp 2 1.15
Sharps Bin 0.6L 3 0.75
Dental Micro Applicators Normal 100pk 2 1.69
Dental Micro Applicators Fine 100pk 2 1.69
Teqler Petri Dish 60mm 10 0.65
Teqler Petri Dish 100mm 10 0.89
Sterican Blunt 21G 100pack 1 6.55
Sterican Intramuscular Needle 20G 0.90x70 100pk 1 3.70
Sterican Needle 21G 100pk 1 1.49
Sterican Needle 23G (30mm long) 100pk 1 1.49
Injekt F Fine Dosing Syringes 1ml 100pk 1 9.39
Kimtech Science Lab Wipes Large (200p) BOX ? 3.99
Kimtech Science Precision Wipes (280p) ? 4.33 For optics and über precise stuff
Pasteur Pipettes 3ml (500) 1 13.10
Unigloves Polar Cold Spray Neutral 200ml 1 1.59
Teqler 20ml Syringes 1 3.02